Does parenting

feel like a hopeless battle?

  • Do you feel like you’re entering a war zone when you go home?

  • Do you feel like all you do is nag and yell?

  • Do tantrums break out every time you ask for help or about homework?

  • Do you fear that your child will hurt themselves or you?

  • Do you feel alone in the battle that repeats day after day after day?

You are not alone in this struggle.

 Millions of parents are at their wits’ end wondering how to love their children when all they get are scowls and slamming doors. You’re concerned about safety in your homes when your child lashes out, without a moments notice, throwing things across the room, biting their siblings, kicking you and yelling, “I wish I were dead.” How do you protect your child from harming themselves? How do you set boundaries to keep the rest of the family safe?

How do you “get your child back”?


My heart aches for you and your children. The tension, the angry silences, the despair, the frustration and hurt, the bitterness and resentment you’re experiencing. You’ve been battling for so long, you’re ALL so weary and wondering how things got this bad.

No one envisions this when holding

their tiny infants for the first time.

During those early days of sleepless nights and contagious giggles your heart swelled with a love you never imagined possible. You began to see the future…baseball games and dance recitals, her looking more and more like her beautiful mother and him growing tall and strong like his father. She’s developing her father's sense of humor and he his mother's artistic flare. 


There are family vacations with mishaps you'll laugh about for years to come and some of your favorite moments are watching the sunset with a bowl of popcorn together. They come to you in tears when their best friend betrays them and jumping for joy when they make varsity. They seek your comfort and wisdom. They want to share with you about their fears and dreams…

Is this the family

you imagined?

 Do you believe that it's possible to turn family interactions from the most dreaded part of your day to fun, engaging and cherished moments to anticipate?

Would you like to  transform

your relationships at home?

  • To turn the chaos into peace…

  • To turn the battlefield into a blessing…

  • To turn despair into hope…

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Understand & be understood by your children?

  • Help them manage anger, anxiety & depression in healthy ways?

  • Have everyone want to pitch in with chores and have fun together?

  • Engage in conversations that create changes in behavior & motivation?

  • Go on a date without worry or guilt?


How would you like to have a professional counselor spend some one on one time with you for a few weeks without having to schedule an appointment or deal with insurance to achieve this?

Hi, my name is Jen Alward

I am a dually licensed mental health counselor and Art Therapist in Northern Wisconsin with special certifications in Christian Therapy. I have been a practicing therapist since obtaining my master’s degree from Notre Dame de Naumur University in 2003 and my first license in 2008.


I have done in-home, crisis, and outpatient therapy with children, families, parents and couples struggling with anger and emotional regulation issues. I’ve also helped those dealing with depression,

anxiety, ADD and ADHD, divorce, infidelity, trauma, bullying and

actions leading to legal involvement etc. 


Currently there is more than a 2 month waiting list at our counseling agency of people struggling with the issues described above. I’ve helped hundreds of families transform their homes from battlefields to blessings and I’m sure I can do the same for you. That’s why I’m writing this ebook--to share with you the strategies and exercises I see transform relationships between parents and their children every day.

This ebook is full of practical steps and some behind the scenes insight that will help you:


  • Feel hopeful about the future.

  • Enjoy and look forward to family time!

  • Have family conversations without fighting. 

  • Let God into the situation to break patterns and heal hearts.

  • Appreciate the positive things in each member of the family.

  • Connect with your kids on a deep level.

  • Improve conflict resolution.

  • Learn how to talk about and manage emotions.

  • Find new ways to show and receive love.

  • Empower the whole family to engage in self-care.


One of the greatest tragedies I see on a regular basis is people waiting to seek help until after something disastrous happens. By then patterns and habits have been in motion for years and are much more difficult to change. This digital ebook is available instantly after purchase—don’t wait for things to get worse...

This ebook is roughly the equivalent of

13 face-to-face therapy sessions

costing $1700 (and that’s in rural Wisconsin).

It is based off  more than 15 years of therapy experience & training.

It is has full color images and is

packed with practical applications.

What are you waiting for?

Start taking steps to transform life at home…

Start building bridges of hope and peace…

Start enjoying family time…

Start empowering your children for a happier life…

“Start children off on the way they should go,

and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6 


Do I need to be a Christian or artistic to benefit?

Nope, the great thing about these strategies for healing is that they can be used by everyone. Art therapy has proven helpful to people who don't even feel competent to draw stick figures. This book offers a variety of exercises; some involve art, some involve prayer and Christian belief, some are about telling stories with photographs, some are about adding things you enjoy into your life, some involve writing, other speaking and listening. It has something for everyone.


Do I have to use every exercise to see results?

Again the answer is no. There are a variety of exercises explained so that you can choose the ones that make the most sense and seem easiest to implement into your family system. The book also explains how you can tweak the exercises and techniques for an even more personalized strategy with your family dynamics and personalities.


Does this replace therapy?

In some cases, yes this ebook and the tools and insights you gain from it may improve things to the point where you no longer feel that therapy is needed. However, this ebook does not offer everything a face-to-face counseling session does. If situations are dangerous or quite severe you should seek personalized professional counseling. Implementing the strategies provided in this ebook will significantly reduce the number of sessions needed because they allow you focus on other areas or delve deeper into other issues in your therapy sessions.


Is it heavy on theory, like a text book, or is it practical information?

Amen, this answer is also no. The goal of this ebook is to give you strategies to implement into your conversations and family life as quickly as possible. It does give brief explanations of some aspect to better explain the reason behind why the strategies work and why the exercises are important and valid, but this ebook is about giving you practical information so you can put it right to use.