Bible Art Journaling

In the gallery below you will see parts of a personal art and spiritual journey.

I hope it will inspire you to connect with God

and use art in ways that are personal and special to you.

In 2009 God started encouraging me to connect with Him in prayer and quiet times by using my art.  This book was such an encouragement:

That same year, my sister and her fiancé asked me to paint a visual prayer for their wedding about the Deep Love of God.

In 2012 they requested a follow-up painting about the Fruit of the Spirit.

It has been such an honor to pray for them

and celebrate the growth of their marriage in this way.

Fruit of the spirit 2012.jpg

In 2015 a few challenged appeared on my Facebook feed:

Watching their videos, listening to their teachings, seeing what images others create with the same prompts and then watching art fill my Bible pages inspired me in so many ways.

  • I began looking forward to reading the Bible.

  • I found myself recalling the words of God more clearly.

  • I became more aware of God's presence & peace throughout my day.

If you'd like to learn more about Bible Art Journaling or creative ways to connect more deeply with God, please send me a note. I'd love to talk more about it with you.