Grand vistas, tiny details, things in process or with potential, ruins that speak of past stories, and beauty in all its forms have always caught my attention. Gathering moments and making art are things I've instinctively done since I was little. Now that I am an adult and have built a career I am finding the need to create welling up inside of me again. The process of making art is healing and restorative.

I pray that the finished pieces will be a blessing to you as well by:

  • sparking conversation

  • adding beauty to your day, home or office

  • stirring up emotions or memories

  • encouraging you to look at something differently

This is a section that will perpetually be "under construction" as I keep making art and adding new images... Sign up for my monthly newsletter for updates from the studio.

Some of these works are for sale as originals and prints.

Please contact me for details or if you'd like to commission a piece.

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100 Faces

Do you admire the oil portraits of old?

For over 5,000 years they have been used to show the power, importance, virtue, beauty, wealth, talents, intelligence, accomplishments and personality of their subject. People used to sit for hours as the artist painted and having your own portrait was a privilege indeed. Today artists paint from life or reference photographs to capture a person's likeness and essence. Either way, having your own portrait in oil remains a special treat.

I have long admired the skills of portrait painters and in the spring of 2019 I decided to sign up for Donna Downey's 100 Faces class to improve my skills and overcome my fears of painting faces.

These oil paintings are on 6x6 inch canvas boards and can be framed.

Originals will be for sale once the 100th piece is completed.

Prints are available at any time.

Enjoy watching the collection grow.

If you see one you'd like to add to your collection.


If you'd like to commission your own portrait.

Contact me

Originals $125 + shipping

6x6 prints $30 + shipping

Larger prints and framing also available.