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I'm so excited to have you on my team to help bring Hope and Healing to as many Homes as possible.

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As an affiliate you may use any of my images on this page or the Facebook page to help promote this ebook. For each sale completed by people using the links you provide, you will earn a 20% commission. It will be paid out monthly via PayPal. Your links expire after 6-months so to continue earning a commission on sales you will need to re-register using the link above.

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E-junkie offers a comprehensive page that explains how the affiliate program works from the perspective of an affiliate.

Art for Promotion

Hope and Healing at Home

A banner for Facebook or Blogs.

Hope and Healing at Home family art therapy book
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Announcements of new releases!

Hope and Healing at Home book
Finding Hope book

The book covers.

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A little back to school, autumn post for Facebook or Instagram etc.

Hope and Healing at Home

The book is now available in printed form too!!

It was released November 6, 2018 on Amazon.com.

They don't have a way to track affiliate sales, so please send me an email with proof of your client/reader's purchase so I can give you credit.

Family Art Therapy
Hope and Healing at Home

PNG images to put on any background you'd like.

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